Who cares today


Another boring day starts and I am doing my part to clog the web with useless dribble that no-one will read. 

My dad is getting married (yet again) in NM.  At his age one wonders what’s the use.  Last three times he married someone who was only interestd in getting their hands on some of the (tiny) nest egg that he had managed to accrue through his rather un-eventful career.  Each took their bite and got jilted in return.  This one claims to be different but let’s be real – He’s over 80 and mostly daft; probably hasn’t been able to get it up for over 10 years now; he’s never been real fun to hang with (notice the number of marriages – and divorces); he has consistantly chosen solitary forms of entertainment from his earliest years mountain climbing, spelunking, sailing, and the like.  His first wife (my mother) divorced him after several years of him going off without her for the entire summer to hike in the Andees (and being an all around ass).  The story for the rest is similar. 

I know – You could n’t care less.  That’s the great part of a webblog – I get to scream into the emptiness with the calm assurance that no-one will give a damn or even guess who I am or care and you get to suffer the constant impact on your life of having google cloged with my (and countless others) useless dribble. 

Have a nice day and thanks for reading.


2 Responses to “Who cares today”

  1. Phil Says:

    So the old man has found himself another bird. At least he has a hobby. He may be squandering what you thought was your inheritance. Look at it this way, you aren’t one of the old sot’s favourites anyway so you weren’t about to cash in when he finally dies anyway. Let him have his fun.

    Also, you state that the reader couldn’t care less. Quite the contrary, I didn’t care to begin with. After reading this e-drivel I certainly coudn’t be bothered to care any more than the non-existant amount that I did prior to walking into this dreadful mire.


  2. The driveller Says:

    So you could care less? Well thanks for caring enough to read and then to respond. I guess I may have reached someone after all…

    Dang’it! Now I can’t have that wonderful existentiao exit for which I was hoping. Here I am in a conversation with someone – proving that we both acknowledge each other’s existence and admiting our mutual need for contact!

    There it is – that awful driver of all foolishness – HOPE!

    Dang’it! Dang’it! Dang’it all to hell!

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